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Most people can dance, or at least fake it at parties or in the school gym, but being a dancer and making up your own moves whenever it’s called for is truly a skill.

Originating in areas such as Los Angeles and New York during the disco days of the early 70s, Freestyle began on street corners and in public places where dances would gather to show off their improvisational skills.

Since then Freestyle dance has developed into a very competitive dance sport where dancers now have choreographed routines that they perform to house and techno music.

A spontaneous and individual style of dancing, Freestyle now has various specific techniques and movements that are part of the Freestyle technique and movement guide.

Enjoyed by both boys ands girls, Freestyle dance is extremely popular recreationally and as a competitive sport.

At Xstatic Dance, you’ll discover all the tips, tools and techniques you need to be recognised as a truly awesome Freestyle dancer.

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