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Breakdance or B-Boying

Breakdancing, Breaking or B-boying is a style of street dance that originated among African-American and Puerto Rican youth in New York City in the early 1970s, and quickly gained popularity with youths around the world.

Although the term Breakdance is commonly used, the original terms for this kind of dance are breaking or B-boying.

With a wide variation of moves available in the dance structure, Breakdancing consists of four kinds of movement, Toprock, Downrock, power moves and freezes, and is typically danced to Hip-Hop and Breakbeats, although any music with the right tempo and beat pattern can be employed.


Toprock generally refers to any string of steps or moves performed from a standing position.


Downrock, Footwork or Floorwork can be used to describe any movement on the floor, where the hands support the dancer as much as the feet do.

Power moves

Power moves are acrobatic moves that require momentum, speed, endurance, strength and control to execute.


These stylish poses can become very complicated and difficult, requiring the dancer to suspend themselves off the ground using upper body strength.



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